Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dream BIG!

Yesterday I posted a quote on Facebook - "If your dreams don't scare you... they aren't big enough." At the place I am in my life right now these words couldn't be more true.
Last year I attended the NIU Bridal Expo with the soon-to-be Mrs. Jacob's to get inspiration and ideas for her wedding. While there I noticed there was only one vendor for stationary / invites, I couldn't believe it. For the past two years I had been designing for weddings and keeping steadily busy. I remember looking at my soon-to-be business partner Sam and telling her, next year we're going to have a booth here. At that moment I didn't realize how true that statement was going to be. As the year went on I kept the expo in the back of my mind and the statement I made. I kept an internal conflict going, could I really do this? Of course you can I told myself! What happens if we get really busy, I've been so busy and doing this on top of a full time job has become cumbersome. That's why you have an awesome partner I told myself. Would people really like my work? I reminded myself they have and they will! With family and friends constantly pushing and encouraging me and coworkers asking, exactly why are you here again if you can do this?... I knew it was time to take the leap! When the time came I completed the form, took the profit I received from a job and signed up for my first Wedding Expo.
Since I've been a solo act since I've started this design journey, it's hard to be in a partnership. It's hard to change when I've been set in my ways. It's fun to have a partner that gets excited about paper, invites, glitter and punches the way I do! So honestly I'm not just taking one leap, I'm taking two. I'm expanding / starting a business and a partnership which are both completely new to me. I'm excited for the challenge and the path I'm on.
2013 has only begun and already I've taken a huge step that's going to hopefully change everything! I'm eager to meet new clients and see what design challenges they have in store for me! I'm excited to start working with Sam on a business level and hope this grows into a long term business adventure! Whatever happens this has been a huge dream of mine and I'm grateful I have the opportunity to pursue it! As I stated in the beginning, "If your dreams don't scare you... they aren't big enough" Well this is huge, and yes I'm definitely scared, so I must be moving in the right direction!