Friday, May 10, 2013

Hope Floats

It's amazing how time flies, this time last year Eric and I were meeting with the fertility specialist. I remember leaving the Dr. and feeling discouraged and praying an answer would present itself. Learning that neither one of us had fertility coverage with our health insurance and seeing how expensive treatments actually were, we left the Dr. feeling like we had hit another dead end in our dreams of starting a family.

Lucky for us, a lot can change in a year! Eric recently (like last week) started a new job! He's been working so hard towards this goal and we couldn't believe how quickly the perfect opportunity presented itself. With the help of our friends (Ben and Katie) Eric was referred to a position that the company was looking to fill for 6 months. So far he loves it and he's learning a lot. The job comes with many great perks and benefits, including great health insurance. Do you see where I'm going with this?... Yes, our prayers have been answered, we now have fertility coverage! I had to hold back tears when I was reading the health policy. We still need to go back to the fertility specialist to see specifically what our new insurance will cover, but I'm hopeful it's what we need to continue our journey. Once everything settles (hopefully within the next month) and we're both officially covered, we'll be heading back to the Dr.

I'm a true believer that hope truly floats. Eric and I have been working so hard to complete our goals and it finally feels like everything is coming together. In my previous post of welcoming 2013 I stated that I didn't know what the year was going to hold for us, but I knew it was going to be an exciting year... whether it was Eric getting a new job, progress continuing on the house or the start of our family.. I was excited to see what the year was going to bring. I can't believe how true those words are coming out to be. I'll continue to hope and pray that our baby is on it's way, the feeling in my heart grows stronger everyday. As Eric has been saying and I've continued to repeat... "All Good Things Babe" and he's so right.